SRT 201 Straight round guide button control

They protect against direct sunlight entering the (engine) driver’s cab:
electric locomotives, buses, trams, trolleybuses, cranes and specialpurpose
vehicles.They are manufactured in accordance with the
dimensions specified by the ordering party.
Ceiling or side mounting. The roller shutters are made of special aluminium
profiles, anodized or powder coated in any RAL colour according to order.
Roller shutter with straight guides.The guides are made of anodized
aluminium or stainless steel.
Button unlocking. Broad range of colours of special fabrics.

The system provides:

– attachment of the guide rail in any height position;
– smooth and silent movement up and down;
– ease of use;
– convenient mounting;
– long service life.

Minimum Maximum
Width L mm 300 1500
Height H mm 300 1000