SRT 102 Lateral pantograph button type control

Developed to protect against direct sunlight, for cabin of the driver
(machinist) of electric locomotives, buses, trams, trolleybuses, cranes and special equipment. They are produced according to the sizes provided by the customer. Lateral or ceiling installation. Roller blinds are made from special aluminum profiles, anodized or painted by powder paint any color RAL at the customer request. Roller blinds are without the guide
rails. There is button type fixation and unblocking of spring-loaded frame. The frame is made with aluminum profiles covered with felt spraying. The system is offered in a large color spectrum of special fabrics.

The system provides:

– bottom rail fixation at any height level;
– easy maintenance;
– easy assembling;
– long operation term.

Minimum Maximum
Width L mm 300 1200
Height H mm 150 600